We coordinate and oversee any clearing and grubbing operations that may be necessary as a part of the overall site work.


Moving dirt is at the core of our profession and we pride ourselves in our ability to efficiently and quickly bring sites to grade so that the builder can proceed to meet deadlines.


Our utility crews are experienced in the installation of waterlines, sanitary and storm sewer lines in addition to underground retention basins.

Site Development

Every major construction project begins with precise site development which is critical to the overall project. Richard L. Crowder Construction is capable of handling any or all phases of site-work.

Snow Removal

We work with the Virginia Department of Transportation, shopping centers and local businesses to remove snow on roadways, parking lots and sidewalks.

Dirt / Topsoil / Stone

Richard L. Crowder Construction is proud to provide Central Virginia with quality dirt, topsoil and stone for your next commercial, residential or landscaping project.

Disposal & Recycling

With our 32 acre state certified disposal site, Richard L. Crowder Construction can handle the disposal or recycling of the debris from your construction or demolition project.


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